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(Jul 24, 2016)
OH NO, we wouldn't change this one! This pic has so much meaning to a lot of us <3
(Jul 22, 2016)
(hey kursh, if you change the banner, make sure to save it cuz that's from the day I first met y'all and has meaning to me)
(Jul 22, 2016)
(Jul 20, 2016)
Alright! Here we go again!
(Mar 21, 2015)
(Mar 20, 2015)
*Snickers* Shikobah is going to have fun teaching her a thing or two about arrogance.
(Mar 18, 2015)
In recent news: Arrogant Sunwalker gets knocked the F--- out!
(Mar 17, 2015)
(Mar 12, 2015)
Sorry I've been out and about these last few days. Looks like recruits are coming in nice and steady. I close tonight, but maybe Sat. I'll be able to RP more!
(Mar 10, 2015)
Soon begins the appropriately arduous grind of Rai'aga and proving her competence.
(Mar 09, 2015)
Okay, sprucing up the website again cause bored! I am adding in the ways to join the tribe in detail because it's fun. Also removing some stuff like old news and things!
(Apr 24, 2014)
Soooo... Apparently there is an attack on Mulgore... RP-PvP? Fun, I trust you will all be strong against the pitiful alliance. <3
(Mar 25, 2014)
*Looks around* I noticed that there are no more events posted. :< We can do better then that! *Goes to update a few events*
(Mar 17, 2014)
Yep! The last one on the right. That is Heltu my one Tauren on WrA.
(Mar 16, 2014)
Holy cow! Haha Are you really? Thtat's awesome x3
(Mar 12, 2014)
omg I notice my one Tauren on the header! She's been guildless this whole time, too.
(Mar 10, 2014)
Heyooooo! I'm in your site posting all over your shoutbox..
(Feb 11, 2014)
And we start again! this time we are going to be the Sword of Mulgore! The Age of the Coyote begins!
(Jan 27, 2014)
Hey moos! I'm back! You can all run away now. :3
(Jan 25, 2014)
Events are up... I don't want to hear any whining that you didn't know. They are here AND in-game :3