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Character Fluff
The Shadowhoof take their calling to defend the Earthmother very seriously. As such, they now hold their people at a higher standard then they once did. Those looking to rank up in the tribe and become someone must first prove themselves within the tribe first and foremost. Once a path has been chosen, members can rise in rank to become the elite that the Shadowhoof were known for...


The Guardians are the ones who stand as the shield or wall to an onslaught. The brawlers, the protectors, and the strongest tend to be drawn to these ranks. However, not every Guardian is a huge mass of shu'halo might and there are a few smaller elite that have proven their ability to take a beating and return it tenfold.

Protectors - The tribal protectors are those who have taken up the mantle to keep the roads and forests clear of bandits. These are the shu'halo who walk with the caravans and stand guard near occupied tents. To cross one is to feel the pain of a shield slamming against your skull.

Bonecrushers - Based off the prestige class they take their name from, these massive shu'halo are the attacking force of the Shadowhoof. Most of these tribesmen are seen wandering from camp to camp till they are given a task. Not much of any organization is held within this elite group, but all understand and respect the command the Chieftess holds.

Thoughts on...?
Warriors: "Their ferocity is unmatched, but they still need a wall to stand behind when their wounds are too great."
Caregivers: "Protect them with your life should you stumble upon one. They perform a duty more difficult than our own."


The Warriors of the Shadowhoof are where the tribe gets it's namesake. The skills and magics used to keep the shu'halo hidden in Feralas will continue to be passed down for generations. They use shadow skills to mark their targets, slip past enemies unseen, and deal deadly powerful strikes. Often ones to travel in packs of three or more, they rush in to the battle in a flurry and vanish just as fast when the task is done.

Shadow Walkers - These elite are those who are able to cloak themselves in shadow and shade. Learning the ways of the open plains, these night walkers are who protect the lands when Mu'sha is high above the sky. Stalking the edges of the land and high cliffs, these Warriors keep the night safe.

Demon Stalkers - The Shadowhoof who wear the demon masks are not to be trifled with, nor underestimated. The task force given the job of eradication of all things corrupt, they constantly search for cultists and defilers. Their only duty is tracking down and systematically hunting all who try to defile the lands.

Thoughts on...?
Guardians: "Powerful allies to keep at your side, because when they take the lead you can sneak in and strike at the heart."
Caregivers: "Everyone has a purpose, but were we meant to simply leave without a trace?"


The Caregivers are the real contacts to the outside world. Understanding that where their is corruption they are needed, most rarely if ever return to their homelands in Kalimdor. Working tirelessly with groups like the Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring, these Shadowhoof understand the need to work outside the tribe more intimately than most.

Leywalker - Very, very few Shadowhoof take this role. However, those who do travel closely with other groups and keep track of the spread of corruption across the lands. These are the elite who track, follow, and map Azeroth's leylines and keep them pure from corruption from demons and even rogue mages.

Plagueshifters - Just like the prestige class they represent, this group joins forces with the Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring to mend the land and stave off corruption. Most will spend years in their new homes working to mend the damage done to the Earthmother.

Thoughts on...?
Guardians: "A useful and almost necessary companion for our travels, though once the killing is over rarely do they stay for the mending..."
Warriors: "A powerful ally, but sometimes too quick to battle and assume the threat is over when the enemy is defeated."