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Council TentThreadsPostsLast Post
Come and read the rules we have set forth in the guild. You can also see things like what is expected of our members and the current viewpoint of the tribe.
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The Tribal FireThreadsPostsLast Post
I entrust to you the book of our bloodlines. Feel free to add your own myths to these pages, so that our children may read them for years to come.
We welcome all folks who wish to RP with us to post here! Feel free to start storylines that we can, and will, respond to and expand. Everyone is welcome, but be aware that this will be a heavily monitored forum. Don't spam, and don't advertise here. This is strictly for roleplay purposes.
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Shadowhoof DevelopmentThreadsPostsLast Post
Talk about our latest bout of Shadowhoof Shenanigans, post screenshots, or plan another outing with the guild!
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Discuss anything and everything you want here!