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My story starts, which is typical of most stories... At the beginning.

A short time ago in the history of the world, which to us would seem like an eternity... The earthmother was still a young maiden tending to her children. And let me tell you, they were not easy to watch over...

Monkey was so curious and tried so hard to expand his knowledge so fast he would often combust! He was always fighting with his siblings and the Great Mother could never get a chance to just relax.

Boar was stubborn. He always had to say 'No', even if he really wanted to say 'Yes!' He was a brute and often times kicked mud and dirt up an those who came near.

Horse was always dirty, so the Great Mother was always giving him a bath. He hated them, so he would gather up in groups and run around her lands, trampling everything in his temper tantrums... What a brat!

Bird was fickle, she was nasty to everyone except her own. She would lash out and even chase the others from her nests that she built everywhere! No one could go anywhere without her nagging at them to go away!

Hyena... Well, she was just rude. She played pranks and tricks on everyone without a care of consequences or if it hurt anyone's feelings. She was more of a brat then horse or even bird!

And then there was Bull. He was a stalwart warrior, and protector for the Earthmother as she took care of the other beasts in the land. Older and more mature, Bull tried his best to help the Earthmother with caretaking.

Sadly, with limited ability to hold objects, Bull was only helpful with carrying things. So he asked his mother to help him help her.

"Alo Nokee Washte... Perhaps I could be of more service to you if I could stand up on two legs like Monkey. Give me hands so that I can use tools and help you build and clean..."

The Earthmother gave this mild thought, but shook her head. "No, for if I give you these things then the others might want them as well... No, I appreciate your help now. You do not have to do more to receive my love."

With that, Bull was content to continue his duty serving the Earthmother. However, this conversation did not go unnoticed. A dark shadow slithered across the lands to where Bird nested.

"Would it not be easier to shoo unwanted guests from your home if only you had hands? Perhaps if you were a little more like monkey...."

Bird ruffled her feathers and huffed, "No! Go away!" The shadow did, but the thought remained in Bird's mind.

The shadow moved then to Boar. "It would be so much easier to kick mud and dirt on others if you walked on two legs..."

Boar huffed, "NO!" However, his eyes gleamed at the idea.

Next the shadow moved to whisper in the ear of Hyena. "Wouldn't it be easier to play pranks on people, if you were more like monkey?"

Hyena just laughed and trotted off. However, the message was there, itching the back of her mind.

Soon, the shadow found Horse, and it hissed, "Wouldn't you prefer to have hands to throw things like rocks at others?"

Horse snorted, and made his way to where Monkey was practicing magic.
The land was barren and had many buildings built in circles around fire. Horse found Monkey... He was doing something strange to Bird. Hyena and boar watched with interest...

Bull walked alongside the Earthmother for a while, but he gave a snort at a foul smell up ahead. He could see magic being pulled to a location, and he looked back at the Earthmother.

Her face was full of concern as she and Bull made their way over to where Monkey, Bird, Boar, Hyena, and Horse gathered. What they saw made Bull rage.

Monkey stood with a grin on his face, for he had discovered transformation magic! Something quite forbidden to those who have not earned it through service to the Earthmother.

His fur was gone, and he wore strange clothing to cover the fact that he was hairless. His hands crackled with darker magic as he stood behind the others.
Bird was now taller and fiercer, with hands curved into claws! Boar's fur had quills poking out through his back! Hyena was short and laughed at her new upright form, and Horse... He was the worst of all.

With his body remaining mostly the same, he had the upper body of the form Monkey took. It was a mash of everything that had been done to the others.
They all held weapons in their hands... And none of them looked friendly. With a simple command from Monkey, they charged forward!

The Earthmother screamed, and Bull quickly moved to carry her away.
When they were again safe, Bull looked to the Great Mother and she pet his muzzle. "I... I don't know what happened... But they are not my children anymore... Bull, it is time that I took you up on your offer."

The Earthmother slowly molded Bull's body to stand upright. She gave him strong hands to grasp weapons, but the dexterity to weave clothing for himself.
She gave him keen eyesight to hunt and scout, so that he would be able to watch over the lands without fear.

Finally, she gave him magic... So that Bull may one day remove the curse that took hold of his cousins and heal the lands as they bleed from misuse.

"I do not know what evil has fallen upon my children, but as you have protected me for so long and helped me discipline the other children... I would ask that you take arms against those who would harm me..."

Bull gave his word that he and his descendants would forever challenge those who would harm the Earthmother... And he never forgave Bird, Hyena, Horse, Boar, or Monkey.

To this day we still fight the harpys, the gnolls, the centaur, the quillboar... And even humans... Bull never stopped protecting the Earthmother from their corruption... And neither will we...
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A long time ago, when these tales tend to happen, the stars in the night sky did not exist as we see them today. Back then the Great Mother was still a matron and her sister was a little girl chasing her older brother.

The night sky was as dark as my pelt, and the Shu'halo stayed far away from the shadows. Everything was dark, except the lone orb racing to catch up to her older brother.

You see, the stars we see today are the tears that fell from little Mu'sha as she called out for her brother to wait. Of course, he would not wait, for what does the sun need from the moon?

The Great Mother would sigh, and comfort little sister as she cried into her dark blankets. Slowly the sky began to fill with the twinkling diamonds, and the Shu'halo living under them stayed out longer and longer.

Each night they waited to see them blink into being as An'she ran away from his sister. More Shu'halo began to wait and some even made celebrations to honor the display. Eventually they began to hear her cries...

A wise old crone called out to Mu'sha as she wept, "Sweet daughter of the night, why do you cry so? Is the sky not beautiful? What reason would you have to be sad?"

"I am sad because my brother does not wish to play with me anymore. He says he is too old and I am still too young." Mu'sha began to sniffle again.

The old crone gave a grin, "But my lady, my tribe have watched you night after night as you place the lights in the sky. If you want friends and company, you only needed to ask..."

The elder gave a small bow and from the shadows her whole tribe stepped forth one by one to honor the moon. Each new face brightened the mood of the little sister.

That night the tribe swore to be by her side and keep her company, so she wouldn't cry so. Soon they would play games with the twinkling tears, and pictures began to form from the darkness. The Hunter, the Coyote, the Thunderbird...

After the years passed, and the old Crone moved beyond the realm of the living. Mu'sha never forgot her kindness, nor her tribe's loyalty.

We don't know who the original mother was, but the Shadowhoof still remember the little sister in the night sky. We still honor her journey across the sky, and we still take the time each night to watch the stars return.

We remember them not as the tears of sorrow, but as hope that even things formed from dark thoughts can become great beacons of light and happiness.
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I suppose that everyone is waiting for another myth from this old crone, but not tonight. No tonight I will tell you a real story. One that happened a long, long time ago... But did happen, by all accounts.

I will tell you the tale of why we Shadowhoof live so high in the mountains.

Not everyone has moved away from the old traditions. We migrated the lands of Kalimdor for thousands of years before a nation grew from the scattered tribes.

Now many live on the high Mesa, the Bluffs, and the protected valley. Those of you today may or may not remember the strife caused by continuous attacks on settlements by the centaur.

A lucky few may only know of the centaur as they are today, a scattered band of misfits. Though you bear the burden of knowing the Alliance for their destruction and malice towards our kind.

However, tonight I will tell you of the centaur raids, of our fight long ago, and of our heroes in ancient times, before all of this...

When the Shadowhoof tribe was small, and almost unknown to even other Feralas tribes, we moved almost perpetually. For those were the days when we first began to split from the Grimtotem.

I know there are enough of you who harbor ill will to our family. Back before the days of corruption and pain, the Grimtotem were a PROUD people! They had every right to be.

Warriors and great hunters, they ran across the lands in large war parties to banish all who would threaten them. These included the Harpies and Centaur, so do not judge a life of war, when you forget how hard it was...

As the Shadowhoof tribe grew, we began to visit the Grimtotem and Mistrunners who lived in Feralas. However, without a territory of our own, we could never stay stationary long.

The days grew longer as our lives grew tougher in the feral forests. We contended with both the threat of the centaur and the dangers of the flora and fauna in our home.

However, leave it to desperation to lead a people to carve out their own way of life. My ancestors began to look up, then... As the canopy stretched forever.

They followed the land and watched as great mountains spiked through the trees. Knowing that there could be dangers even up in the skies, one chieftess attempted the impossible.

The brave and powerful Hyena guided Chieftess Eya'Taho. Keeping her hooves moving, the spirit drove the Shu'halo to travel these great heights. She felt the pull of wonder and exploration in her heart.

The trail was tough, and her body was too large to simply make her way through the narrow cliff ledges. However, careful planning and daily trips found that the cliff faces held many secrets.

With these travels, Eya'Taho found caves that her people could sleep in... Safe trails they could walk to travel to the peaks...

She even met Hippogryph colonies that were willing to show her the flight paths to even more ridges. They walked with her, and spoke of ruins and other places of power.

Her explorations were taxing, and the air made her light headed, but still she pushed forward. She was determined to find places her people, and in the end she did.

Soon word spread of the camp that flew into the canopy. More and more Shadowhoof took up the pledge to Wyvern and Hippogryph as they followed the cliff walkers.

Where there were few windwarriors before the time of the cliffwalkers, now there were dozens. Soon, it was more likely to see a Shadowhoof on a windrider then to see them walking the trails.

As the Shadowhoof moved to the high grounds, we found that we were safe from just about every danger the lower lands held for us.

Soon we began to build camps within the caves, and soon the summits became our sacred burial grounds. We had found our home at last.

We never forgot those that helped us achieve our new homes. We share our camps with the Hippogryph...

And the Wyvern...

They are our brothers, and our sisters...
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I will be sharing the story of an honored hunter among our ancestors. His name was An'ru Ramhorn... His name given to him as he aged, because of how strangely his horns curled.

In the days when my tribe battled the legion's kin in desolace and fought the satyr who would corrupt Feralas, young Ramhorn grew into a strong hunter.

His companion, a large hyena by the name of Snickersnarl was always by his side. Traveling through the lands to help with the protection of the tribe, they were given the duty to protect the caravans marching to Stonetalon.

This was no easy task! There were demons at every turn, and elementals waiting to blow everyone away! Even the very kodos were dangerous!

For back then, the Kodo burial grounds were desecrated and angry spirits walked the lands looking to take their anger out on the living.

One Kodo in particular was the worst of all. The Great Kodo Spikehide!

Named for the mutations he received from the fel taint, he was responsible for many caravans vanishing as they walked the trails to the north.

One such travel had poor Ramhorn on duty. The caravan was making its way slowly, as the kodo caravans do, and Ramhorn was on the alert.

A loud rumble from a nearby dune was all they heard! The great kodo came crashing down on them with the fury of a thousand angry spirits!

He barreled through the caravan... So much screaming... So much pain...

Not a soul survived...

... But one did make it out alive. Ramhorn had survived!

He climbed out of the wreckage of the caravan and took a long look at the destruction. It was...

There were all manner of goods strewn around, but what tragedy is spilled milk when next to blood? His youngest sister lay... trampled. She was to sell goods to the Stonetalon camp for the first time.

Near her lay a close friend, who Ramhorn had grown up with for years... The many that lay dead looked almost peaceful now. Each sleeping eternally...

The hunter could not bear to see the scavengers take their first bites, and so he took his leave from the area as soon as the first tears fell from his eyes.

Ramhorn did not come home to give the news of the dead. It would be understood by his absence.

For the next few years he trained. He did nothing, but watch and listen to the lands. Desolace was a crying land, but it was still living. Scrapping by with his kills and learning the lay of the lands, he swore to hunt Spikehide down.

And one night, as his senses grew more keen to the desolate plains, he found the Kodo marching through the old graveyard.

Each night he would watch for signs, and make his presence known to the beast. As the Kodo geared up to trample him, the hunter would vanish in the dunes. Agitated, the Kodo let out a grunt and stomped about.

One night, Ramhide decided it was time. He would take his vengence on the great Kodo! And so, he made his way towards where the beast was last seen. Their battle would be Epic!

The thunderous battle made the sand shake! Some shook so much they flattened! You could hear the raging beast stamped after the hunter, and the hunter blew his horn to alert his Hyena.

On and on this went, a deadly hide-and-seek game. It wasn't until daybreak that the beast grew tired of the games the hunter played. He mustered all his strength and charged faster than he had before.

Ramhorn was caught off guard! He was knocked clear of a whole dune when the Kodo slammed into him. Ribs fractured and broken, he hurried to launch an arrow. He prayed to Mu'sha and let it fly...

The arrow hit the beast between the eyes and it fell dead at Ramhorn's hooves. However, the hunter was not satisfied that the dead was done... So he called to the great mother to allow him an audience with the Kodo.

A raging spirit, the Kodo bashed into Ramhorn! Yet, the hunter did not give in. He took the beating and survived the pains as he spoke to the Kodo...

"I am sorry my friend. I am sorry you suffer so... That you must endure such pain and hardships. I wish you well and I hope you may find peace in the afterlife."

The Kodo slowed its attack and grunted, "Yet you killed me dead! Now I must walk alone! My spirit is tainted, unworthy!"

Ramhorn took his bloody hand and offered it to the Kodo, "Then I offer my own blood to purify your spirit. Take from me my life... And I will trade my spirit with yours. I will offer my own eternal slumber with the earthmother...

However, as we know, the Earthmother is much more forgiving. As Ramhorn offered his hand, a bright light shone down upon the Kodo's spirit. He calmed.

"The mother... She is calling to me. I can hear her and know that I will be saved. Hunter, you have truely done me a favor. I will not take your place, I will simply walk these lands.. I will be the purity in the graveyard."

With that, the spirit left... And that is why we visit those lands so often. We pay homage to the Kodo who would sacrifice himself to keep the sacred graveyard pure.

As for what became of Ramhorn... Well, I suppose that is another story... For another time...
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