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Welcome to the Forest
Once, the Shadowhoof Tribe was a massive force. We were a great nation of shu'halo that walked the lands of Feralas and Desolace. We were of the few tribes that stood apart from the great confederacy lead by the Bloodhoof Tribe. We shared views with our cousins, the Grimtotem, and we stayed out of the political wars lead by the Horde. We stayed neutral within conflicts that did not involve the protection of the Earthmother. We have always stayed true to our sacred duties to protect the people and the Great Mother. Our Motto: We are Shu'halo! The sacred name for the people, the true children of the Earthmother.

Now we stand at a crossroads. Our ancient creed has split our family into fragments that wander the lands. A great cataclysm has swept many of our kinfolk away to the summer lands. The tyranny of the Horde has seen to the corruption and utter defilement of sacred lands we were once proud to protect. We now must make a choice. We must decide if we would forsake our vows to the Earthmother and our Kinfolk and hide within the great forests of Feralas, or will we stand by our promises and step into the open to show that the people will never give in.

Stand with me, brothers and sisters of the earth and sky. Sensitive ears that listen to the ancestors, give us the ability to hear the calls to arms that others cannot. Keen eyes that watch the balance of nature can carefully and accurately sight a change before any others. Sharp tongues give us the power to speak words that which others only dare to whisper. We are the Shadowhoof, the sword of the people. We will never back down. We will never give in.


The Shadowhoof is a mature level guild, which means that we expect our members to behave as adults. While we cannot enforce an 18+ rule on the guild, by applying and accepting an invitation you agree to being an adult.

Shadowhoof has a no tolerance policy for forced story inclusion or drama. We are here for the entertainment of our members, and as such will not force members to participate in out-of-guild storylines. Any storylines we are invited to will be open interest participation only. We will also swiftly remove members who cause continual stress on guild leaders and members. We are happy to cut numbers to a handful of respectable members then have a glut of rude and disrespectful players.
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